Health Care

The Oklahoma Manufacturers Health Plan is offered to member companies of the Central Oklahoma Manufacturers Association (COMA) with two or more employees. The Plan, underwritten and administered by BlueCross & BlueShield of Oklahoma, was developed in cooperation with the Oklahoma Insurance Department and the Oklahoma Department of Health.

The Workforce Blue program consists of a core plan providing catastrophic coverage and a large number of optional plans (Blue Options/Blue Choice/Blue Preferred) , any two of which can be selected by individual companies, for employees who want to "buy up" to a plan with richer benefits. The core plan features $35 office visit co-pay, 50/50 on prescriptions, a $2,500 deductible per calendar year and a $200 outpatient co-pay.  The optional plans feature annual deductibles ranging from $500 to $2,500, $20 to $35 office visit co-pays, and multiple prescription drug plans.

A novel aspect of this plan is that it includes the Oklahoma Health Care Authority's Premium Assistance Program (Insure Oklahoma) under its umbrella. The Insure Oklahoma program is for employer groups of 99 or less and is specifically designed for low-income employees with a gross annual household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Under this premium assistance program, the employer pays 25%, the employee 15% and the State pays the remaining 60% of the employee monthly premium.

An additional benefit has been added to the core program and, like the program itself, brings together both private and public sectors to keep costs to a minimum. At the request of the manufacturer, the program offers employees the opportunity to have bloodwork processed at OU Health Sciences Center. The Health Ministries Association, a non-profit organization, will provide the on-site delivery mechanism for the bloodwork. The samples will be subjected to 26 different tests. The results will be confidentially returned to the employee. If any of the tests are shown to be outside established norms, the employee will be advised to take the information to their personal physician. The total cost of this benefit is $115 and can be charged against the health care program's wellness benefit.  One of the most important elements of this program is its focus on preventative health care. Diagnosis and treatment of potential health problems is key to keeping the lid on rising health care costs. 

Jory Gromer, President of COMA,  points out, "What we have developed for manufacturers in Oklahoma is truly unique. This is a very affordable, comprehensive health care program. And the cost of health care is a major consideration for companies who are thinking about moving or expanding their operations."

To participate, the manufacturing facility must be located in Oklahoma, have a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code between 2000 and 3999 and/or a North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code between 311111 and 339999, and be a member of the Central Oklahoma Manufacturers Association. Association.  Dues are $50 per company per calendar year.